MADE arhitekti

Kindergarten in Jelgava, LV, 2018, competition 2nd prize

School of Young Talents in Viimsi, EE, 2018, competition

Riga Railway museum, Riga, LV, 2017, competition in collaboration with GAISS arhitekti

Office buildings and entrance to Magdelena quarter in Riga, LV, 2017, competition, honorable mention

Spa Hotel in Pavilosta, LV, 2017, competition, 3rd prize

Participation at exhibition "Latvia. Architecture at Convergence" in Tokyo, 2017. Photography by Nao Takahashi.

Refurbishment and new addition of Riga Art and Media school, LV, 2017, competition, 1st prize

Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art in Riga, LV, 2016, invited competition, local partners for Lahdelma & Mahlamäki architects

Housing development in Vartiosaari, FI, 2016, international competition

Housing block in Strelnieku street 4C in Riga, LV, 2016, competition, 2nd prize

School in Helsinki, FI, 2015, international competition, honourable mention

Library + swimming pool, Smiltene, LV, 2014

Recreational and meditation center in Sigulda, LV, 2014

Private passive house, LV, 2014

Private house, LV, 2014

Refurbishment of rooftop apartment in Riga, LV, 2014

Housing and community center in Miera street 31 in Riga, LV, 2014, competition

Brivibas square in Tukums, LV, 2013, competition, 2nd prize

Waldorf center in Tartu, EE, 2012, international competition, 2nd prize

School in Dublin, IE, 2012, international competition

Private house in Vecaki, LV, 2011

Adaption of B.I.G.'s 8house across the Baltics (Riga case) in exhibition LIVING Frontiers of Architecture III-IV at Louisiana, Copenhagen, DK, 2011

Refurbishment of hotel Liesma in Jurmala, LV, 2011, international competition

Pasta island development in Jelgava, LV, 2011, competition, 3rd prize

Refurbishment of BTA office building in Riga, LV, 2010

Exposition stand at exhibition Aiz priekškara.Arhitekte Marta Staņa (curated by Ieva Zibarte) in Riga, LV, 2010, photography by Maris Lapins

Development proposal for vocational school in Ventspils, LV, 2010, competition

Sodra tennis hall, Vaxjo, SE, 2009, international competition, honourable mention

Maritime museum in Liepaja, LV, 2009, competition

Semi-permanent summer pavilion for art gallery The Lightbox, Woking, GB, 2009, competition

Housing near lake Jugla, Riga, LV, 2008

Row houses in Saldus, LV, 2007

Housing quarter in Saldus, LV, 2007

Housing dictrict development near Kisezers, Riga, LV, 2005, competition Europan 8

Alternative school in Jurmala, LV, 2002, competition, 1st prize

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