MADE arhitekti

Extension for Serlachius museum Gosta (Joenniemi manor) in Mannta, FI, international competition, 2011

The new Serlachius museum Gosta extension will give a powerful push to the culture life in Joenniemi. It is also the small edge where the new power might free up the forgotten potential of the history, that was hidden under the layer of dust. The collection of art is a long term process where it starts with acquiring few masterpieces. It is like growing a tree: it takes time and care, but one can not see the tree growing. Once we just realize the tree has grown so tall, we feel small next to it. We see the competition task as a process of growing instead of creating. We believe it is important to grow the museum with great care, rooted in the history and landscape. Than it will flourish endlessly.

We see the existing manor building as the main architectural volume on the site. We do not want to compete with it, rather to emphasize the silhouette of the old building that gradually grows from rise of the landscape. New museum try both to be invisible and to stand next to the manor house with calm solemn character.

Diversity of exhibition spaces characterizes the new museum. The height of rooms varies from 3.5m in gallery to 9m in the main hall. The main hall is lit by the skylights, rest of the spaces have semi-transparent wall areas, where diffused light is entering room. All exhibition spaces have a large window, that frames the landscape views and gives ultimate connection to environment. The picturesque opening at the end of the exhibition finalize the emotional sequence, when walking through the spaces.

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